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The cultures of royal Rajasthan is a rich blend of Rajput, tribal, Mughal and European. The early settlers of the state were various tribes, followed by the Aryans who intermingled to create various Rajput clans; Mughal conquered some parts of Rajasthan and married into the Rajput families that they could not conquer and through their travel across the globe as well as through the British Raj, Rajasthan has also acquired the European flavor in various aspects of its culture.  


The official language of the Rajasthan State is Hindi. People speak Rajasthani that has four major dialects. Being a tourism focused State, Rajasthan’s residents are also fluent in English; even people living in remote villages are conversant with this language. There are people who speak other foreign languages as well; tour operators are equipped to provide you with a guide or a tour escort who can speak your language.

Music and Dance

Music and dance varies while being broadly the same through the entire state. The Maharajahs were patrons of the fine arts; music dance as well as painting flourished under them. The music is folk, and the lyrics describe the legends of heroic warriors, romantic couples as well as spiritual stories. The music of Rajasthan has found international acclaim; the haunting strains of Rajasthani music can be heard in popular film music as well. Popular instruments are Dholak (percussion), sitar and sarangi (both are string instruments).
There are several traditions in Rajasthani dance. Kalbeliya dance of Jaisalmer has been recognised internationally for its beauty. The Ghommar Dance of Udaipur is performed by women and traditionally it has been performed only behind closed doors of the family home, only for the entertainment of the family. This dance form too is extremely popular and has found international recognition. Other popular dances of Rajasthan include the Sapera dance that has snake like movements and the Fire dance. Dances of Rajasthan are vibrant, colorful and energetic and are a visual delight.


Rajasthan has played an important role in spiritual growth of India and has always been home to the various religions practiced across the country. While the majority population follows Hinduism, it has its fair share of Muslims, Christians and Sikhs as well. Rajasthan has been particularly instrumental in the growth of Jainism, and the several early adopters of this religion also made stunning Jain temples that are now famous the world over. There have also been famous mystics like Meerabai in Rajasthan.

Art and Architecture

Rajasthan ofcourse is known as the State of Palaces and Forts. These forts and palaces depict the various cultural influences of the various periods that they came up in. Rajasthan is known for its miniature paintings that are made in several styles in various cities of Rajasthan till date. It also has a tradition of vibrant textiles and hand printing, like block prints, tie and die, Bagaru, Sanganer prints as well as Zari embroidery. Other handicraft traditions of Rajasthan include wooden furniture, including antiques and made-to-look-like-antiques, handicrafts, carpets, blue pottery and leather craft.

The vibrant and living culture of Rajasthan beckon you to come and experience it first-hand.

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