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People and Tribes in Rajasthan


Rajasthan is a highly populated state although the density of population varies according to its topography.  Regal and chivalrous Rajputs are of course the most famous community of royal Rajasthan. Their exploits in the battlefield as well as their contributions to the politics, art & architecture and culture of Rajasthan are well known. Rajputs are believed to be of Scythian descent; their ancestors traveled from the Caucasus in Central Asia to the Indus Valley on the one hand and on the other to the Germanic parts of Europe.

The Rajput communities of Rajasthan are divided into various castes, sub-castes and groups. The broad categories or clans among these are Sisodia, Rathore, Chauhan, Kachawaha, Bhatti, Panwar and Solanki. There are also off-shoots known as Musalman Rajputs or 'Musalman Sipahis' that came about due to intermarriages. Among Bhatti Rajputs, those who were forced to embrace Islam between 1193 and 1684 came to be known as Sindhi Sipahis. Similarly, among the Chauhans those who underwent conversion around 1383 are called Kaimkhani and are found in the Shekhawati and Nagaur regions.

There are also 34 castes and sub-castes of Brahmins and seven groups called 'Bards and other communities'. Amongst these, the Charan used to be the friend, philosopher and guide of the Rajput and the Bhat, was the person who maintained the family tree and chronological records of his patrons. The castes and sub-castes denoted the profession of the person. There are also ‘writers and chroniclers' otherwise known as Kayastha, Khatri, Oswal, Mohnot, Bhandari, Singhi, Lodha and Mohata. Members of these communities usually are found pursuing business, industry and administration.

The seven communities of Dholi, Dhadhi, Hinjara, Jagri-Patur, Bhagtan, Kalawat and Bhand have traditionally been 'Minstrels and Instrument Players'. Even among these, there is sub-division to identify entertainers and jesters. These communities are Hinjaras, Kalawats and Bhands.

Marwaris or people from the Marwar region including the Mahajans, Porals, Sarawagis, Shrimals, Shrishrimals, Agarwals, Maheswaris, Sunlas, Vijayvargias, Pheriwalas, Baldias and Lohias are all business communities.

Besides the above, there are also other communities according to their professions, such as, barber, tailor, black-smith and many more.

Tribes of Rajasthan

Bhils and the Meenas are the two prominent tribes of Rajasthan, beside others. Tribes were the earliest settlers of this land. These tribes bring in their own unique cultures and traditions and still follow them by heart.

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